Love Your Pet As Your Pet Loves You.

Use The Power Of Music To Enhance Your Pet's Health.

Colin MacLeod Celtic Fiddle Welcome Into Family Paw On Hand

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Are you aware of the health benefits of music for your pet?

Science confirms what you already know as a pet owner. Pets respond to sounds in a range well beyond our human hearing. And sounds, especially through the playing of music, can change how we feel and how our pets respond. 

Music As Wave Versus Digitized Frequencies: Why Should You Care?

Were you aware that there is a distinct difference between the effect of music through wave form as opposed to digitally compressed? When music is changed through digital compression (e.g. mp3 format), it not only compresses the full range of frequencies available in a wave sound, it also cuts out the higher and lower wave frequencies. This means that by listening to digitally compressed music, both owner and pet do not get to experience the full benefits of music's healing frequencies. 

All the music offered through this website is in the uncompressed wave format providing you with the fullest musical experience possible, (short of listening to live music)!

How can music help my pet?

If you're looking to support your pet's health and well-being by 

  • reducing your pet's anxiety of being left alone in the house whilst you are at work
  • helping your pet to enjoy the day more,
  • being able to feel calm and relaxed in stressful situations, 
  • decreasing the stress your pet experiences from loud noises like fireworks 
  • lightening the sadness your pet feels when it has no one to play with...

... Then, our selection of Celtic Music For Pets is the place to begin.  

Music can shift a person's outlook and a pet's perspective of the world.

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Wellness for your pet through Celtic music.

Celtic Music for Pets provides several ways to enhance your pet's health.

Colin MacLeod Celtic Fiddle Welcome Into Family Paw On Hand

Pet Music

Have you ever played music to your pet? Not a problem! The music can be played in the house, whilst you are walking your pet whether you are present or not.

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Your pet deserves health, wellness, and calm. It's time for you to do something for your pet. 

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