One of the best gifts you can give your pet is for you to be calm because studies have shown that pets pick up on our emotions. 

Over the past few years in Australia and the United States, as an observer, I have been very privileged to see some of the ways in which the four legged members of families join in with musical celebrations.  

Pets from Tasmania, Australia to Virginia, USA have howled with joy or quietly and calmly observed as classical Celtic fiddle music has been played in celebration of a special occasion or as a way to relax.


I have a few friends who have four legged friends.  

The four legged friends are pets who look out for their owners and respective families.  

The four legged friends instinctively know when something is wrong or conversely how to cheer up people and how to celebrate a special occasion with both style and canine passion.  

These canines are a few, the WUFF DIAMONDS of the dog world.  

Note: WUFF DIAMONDS is taken from the title of a book called ROUGH DIAMONDS & REAL GEMS by R.M. Winn.  

The dictionary definition of a ‘rough diamond’ is ‘a person of exceptional character—a person with great potential but lacking polish and refinement.’  

Mr. Patch won the ‘Wuff Diamond of the Year’ Award in New South Wales this year and there were joint winners of the Award in Tasmania, who were Ella and Charlie.  

WUFF DIAMONDS have been known to instinctively join in the musical celebrations of an event and help to create that Special Memory of the Moment.  

Do you know have a four legged friend or friends whom you think is/ are worthy of the recognition of being a WUFF DIAMOND?  

Colin MacLeod Celtic Fiddle English Bulldog Running With Stick

Celtic Musical Pet Remedies is Celtic fiddle music that will benefit your pet, will have a benefit for you, which will also have a benefit for your pet. It's kind of a double benefit for you and your pet.  

Whether you choose my music or the music of someone else, listen to things that make you feel upbeat and happy because it will help your beloved pet.  


Colin MacLeod, Celtic Fiddle Guru

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