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"Run & Play Again"

Colin MacLeod Celtic Fiddle English Bulldog Running With Stick

Looking for more upbeat music to match the energy of run and play? Try playing this selection to your pet at any time of the day. There is the possibility that your pet might want to go for a walk, chase a ball and get some exercise. You'll always have fun listening to the music and may be inspired to go for a walk with your pet whilst listening to the music! 

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"Go With The Flow. Be Free"

Colin MacLeod Celtic Fiddle Shetland Collie on Kayak Roam Free

For the owner and pet accustomed to going with the flow, The music mix is a bit of everything, music with energy and flow. Your pet may lie patiently at your feet whilst you are tapping your toes and then want to go out for a walk. Go on. Treat yourself and your pet to Flow Free and to Roam Free too!

"From Anxious To Calm"

Colin MacLeod Celtic Fiddle Vet Comforting Pet

Pet anxiety can occur for different reasons, perhaps the owner being away at work and the pet is home alone or there has been a thunderstorm. This music both calms soothes the pet. The music can be enjoyed by both owner and pet alike.

"Soothing Grief & Loss" 

The music accompanying Grief and Loss helps both you and your pet to honor the passing of your pet or family member. The playing style is soothing yet authentic whilst creating space for gentle reminiscence to breathe. From listening to this music, both the owner and their pet will truly feel that the passing has been honored.

"Welcome To Our Pack"

Colin MacLeod Celtic Fiddle Welcome Into Family Paw On Hand

When a new member is welcomed into the family or pack, there is sometimes a big fanfare or perhaps, it might be a quiet celebration. Celebrate with the music to go with the moments, moods and celebration of welcome.

"Get Complete Package Of All Five Celtic Pet Music Experiences Now"

Colin MacLeod Celtic Fiddle Dog Running With Ball

Celebrate life in all its stages with the total collection of "Run and Play Again", "Go With The Flow. Be Free", "From Anxious To Calm", "Soothing Grief and Loss", "Welcome To Our Pack"

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The music from Celtic Pet Music Remedies can relax both you and your pet. It's time for you to do something for your pet.

Support your pet as your pet supports you.  

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