Musical Biography

Over the years, I have had the pleasure to collaborate with artists in Scotland, Australia and more recently, the United States.

The idea for the celtic music for pets originated in Australia where I had first hand experience of the joyfulness of a family having their pets join in with live Celtic music.

The influence and choice of the Celtic music selected has been influenced by the projects below:-

Fife Strathspey and Reel Society (Scotland) 1980

Golden Fiddle Orchestra (Scotland) 1980s

National Youth String Orchestra Of Scotland 1980s

Edinburgh Celtic Music Sessions/ The Tumshies 1990s

Melbourne Scots Fiddle Club (Australia) 2000s ('The Seagull')

Rory Sinclair, Scottish Guitar (Australia) 2005 (Roaming Free)

Taliska (Australia) 2010-2015 (Celtic Cafe, Home...Where The Music Is)

Resipole Fiddle Fest 2015-2017

Steve Wade, Country Guitar (Australia) 2017 (Cousins From Afar)

Michael Rickman, Steinway Artist (United States) 2019

CFG Action Shot

Elephants… Airplanes… and Mt. Everest What’s music got to do with it?  

Colin MacLeod, “The Celtic Fiddle Guru”, is opening new windows to the potential of music in people’s and their pet's lives.  

Colin is originally from Scotland and now travels the world engaging audiences through playing Celtic fiddle, telling stories, teaching and performing. Colin loves to play from the heart as he shares his rich knowledge about the Celtic culture.  

Colin was a young lad when he started playing the violin in Scotland at the age of 7— thus beginning his musical journey that has so far covered five continents, including Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and North America.  

Always willing to experience life first-hand, Colin’s personal philosophy is ”you never know— unless you go.” And, GO he has. Leaving his homeland in Scotland to establishing a second home base in Melbourne, Australia he has sought out Scottish culture wherever his travels take him. While living abroad at the time, Colin and friends co-founded the Scottish Music Festival in Resipole, Scotland.  

And it was in Australia where Colin first recognised the responses of animals to his playing of Celtic music.

This could be playing to a herd of cows or a family's trusted dogs who might join in a rendition of the Scottish tune, 'The Atholl Highlanders'.

In 2017, Colin’s Celtic Fiddle Playing was taken to “new inspirational heights” by playing the violin in a plane at 33,000 feet over the peak of Mt. Everest in Asia.  

On the ground again, he was to be found serenading the elephants in the Sumatran jungle with a rendition of “Jungle Bells.”  

The elephants were actually a bit pre-occupied with their mahouts and tourists so did not fully get the chance to enjoy the Celtic fiddle music at that time!

Colin’s present focus is growing his international music business in the USA, where he inspires, educates and entertains for schools, colleges, businesses, social events and pets.

Ask Colin what it was like to play at sunrise in Sedona, Arizona; at the Grand Canyon or the Hoover Dam;  

And find out what the resident seals at Pier 39 in San Francisco Bay think of his Celtic fiddle playing!  

…and look up often… you never know when he might be skydiving into a neighborhood near you.  

Colin knows that Music has the power to Open Hearts and Transforms Minds for both pets and their owners.  

Improve your pet's wellness with Celtic pet music. 

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See why music for your pet benefits both your pet and you. It's time you do something for your pet and you.

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