Pet Concert

Each Wednesday, listen to some relaxing music with your pet in the comfort of your own home.

When you relax, your pet relaxes.

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Colin MacLeod, “The Celtic Fiddle Guru”, is opening heart and transforming minds to the power of music in people's lives. And pets are very much part of people's lives! Colin is originally from Scotland and now travels the world engaging audiences through playing Celtic fiddle, telling stories, teaching and performing.  

Some of Colin's first experiences of playing for pets and their families were in Australia. He noticed how much the pets enjoyed the music, including joining in with harmonies. The pets were joining in with the memories of the moments and were very much part of these.

What is a Sound Bath Celtica music experience?

By experiencing a beautiful range of melodic sounds from the violin, energizing tunes are played alongside serene and calming tunes. Colin uses his innate ability to tap into the group energy and he uses that as the source for a customized sound bath experience. Relax in your favorite armchair with your pet at your side and really unwind and relax and feel the Increased calm after a busy week at the office, perhaps being away from your pet ... the greater clarity of mind... and the ability to easily hold more focus and peacefulness. 

And if this concert is for your dogs, this could be a Hound Bath!